Onsite Management

Our on-site staffing agency is there to help things run smoothly

Onsite Contingency Workforce Management

Effectively managing your workforce requires a hands-on approach. It requires flexibility, responsiveness, and experience.

For nearly 40 years now, the professionals at NAOS Staffing have worked with clients across the country to help manage large numbers of contingent employees. We help you get the job done right.

Benefits Of Onsite Staffing

To keep your business running smoothly, you need the right talent at the right time. When the market fluctuates, you need the ability to manage your workforce accordingly. An unexpected shift in demand can require you to move toward using more contingent workers. These contingent employees can be scaled up or down on short notice. Other businesses may require a large contingent workforce to keep up with production increases.

Working with an on-site staffing agency can benefit your company in the following ways:

Streamline Your Hiring

An on-site manager can help you with every employee function necessary to bring new workers into your business. This includes everything from recruiting, onboarding and training all the way to performance reviews and routine questions.

Comprehensive & Ongoing Contingent Workforce Management

An on-site staffing agency does more than hiring and onboarding. We continually serve employees as the central contact for HR staff for the company and work with you to identify openings, skill sets required, job descriptions, and more. We manage the ongoing search and recruiting efforts and provide emergency staffing whenever needed.


Rapid Response To Needs

Onsite clients look at our ability to manage a workforce manage co-employment in every situation. Having our onsite managers present allows us to maintain the flexibility and professionalism to handle anything that comes up.

From workers comp issues to OSHA investigations, we manage the liabilities of co-employment.
An on-site contingency agency is there to identify, respond and react to employee situations immediately.

If you use contingent employees in your organization, let’s talk about how we can provide a customized on-site workforce management solution that helps increase your efficiency as well as improves your bottom line.

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